Featured Videos 2022

The Overcrowded House

Being happy with what you have

The Turkey Prince

Being compassionate and non-judgemental

The Miracle Bird

To truly cherish a mitzvah

Reb Aryeh’s Love

What it means to truly care

Why the Menorah?

The Light, The Rooster and The Donkey

Everything is for the best

More Chanukah Inspiration

Every Stone A Jewel

The magic of Israel

The Milkman's Wife

How we share Chanukah with others

Individual Light

How to fill the world with light

The Light that Shines From Every Home

An unforgettable Chelm story

Miracles Surround Us

Israel: today's Chanukah miracle

Anonymous Hero

Everyone can be a hero

Discovering Your Treasure

Special qualities found in your home

An Unexpected Lesson

The lesson of never giving up

Why Eight nights?

The most famous Chanukah question

Who was the First Menorah Lighter?

Where Chanukah really began

Hillel and Shamai

How we light the Menorah

Two Brothers

What makes a place holy

Be Like Hillel

Learning patience and compassion

Yehudit's Bravery

The heroine of Chanukah